Terms Of Coverage

1. The AMP starts on the date of purchase. However, term of coverage is after testing and approving your product by us. That means you shall be entitled to services only after testing of your product. Testing time is 7 days after registration of your AMP. In case of out of area, AMP will start within 10 days on call.

2. We will not be held responsible if anything happen in your product before testing process

3. It is your responsibility to retain and provide the proof of entitlement at the time of availing the service, such as, the invoice or delivery receipt of the Product with serial number and machine type along with the registration certificate of this plan.

4. Customer can buy warranty anytime after purchase of a product. However, there may be addition/deletion/ modification in AMP terms based of assessment and testing the product. Our extended coverage plans are also available for old and refurbished product.

5. You shall follow our instructions and procedure about services schedule. You are fully responsible for all activities that occur under Serial number.